Tuesday, 29 November 2016

it's that dirty word again.....

So these last three weeks or so I have had this flu slowly creep up on me. Each week it gently engulfs me with a new symptom.  I had to go to the doctors 3 times, to target a different symptom, from body ache, fever, runny nose, diarrhoea (which I got I am sure because of the antibiotics) and sore throat.

Since I had to go to the doctors for the third time, I decided I to go see my old family doctor, who has known me since I was 7, and who looks after my thyroid issues.   His records showed  that I hadn't had a blood test to check my thyroid for 2 years.  And to throw in for good measure he also wanted to check my blood sugar levels….

Well today I got my results and my blood sugar levels are higher than normal….

 I am extremely diligent with what I up into my mouth, I am gluten intolerant so I avoid all types of  biscuits and cakes and confectionery, I eat a lot of fruit, veg and limit my carbs, eat only sweet potatoes, don’t drink sugary sodas and hardly eat any bread ( If I do eat bread its GF Bread)  Yes I indulge sometimes with fries and chocolate but its like once a month or so (and really I am not kidding here) …so how the bloomin hell do I still have elevated blood sugar levels!

Its that dirty word again….exercise! 

This time there is no avoiding the exercise, I have 3 months before the next blood test and I bloody well have to get off my backside and do something as I do not want it to develop into type 2 diabetes… 

oh the joys of getting older….
me... very soon

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