Sunday, 13 November 2016

i am a dick sometimes...

I never professed to be perfect.

Far from it actually, and I accept that sometimes I am good and sometimes I can be a dick.  Yes women can be dicks too, quite often as a matter of fact.

definition of someone being a dick...

being an asshole, being stupid and just generally being an idiot

the last 2 weeks have been tough,  I forgot to take my pills to KL when I went for the MotoGP, pills like my thyroid, vitamin D and my herb supplements that I depend on to keep my mood swings and menopause symptoms at bay.  Which resulted a few days later to me me being hyper sensitive to anything that happened, and usually I end up in tears over nothing.  which as usual ends up me doing stupid things like quitting my job...

Yeah I know, I want to smack me too...

once calmness ensues and I see the world through drug induced serenity, I pass through the being a dick phase to what the fuck did i do phase..

Will I eat humble pie and hope the bosses know me well enough to know I was being a dick, or do I start looking for a new job... Stay tuned..


  1. Hello, at least we have the balls to be Dicks. Lol Be alive & take ownership of our beliefs. Chin up, this phase shall pass too. Big hugs xoxo PS love your post about loneliness, but know that its only a state of mind. And life is too short to fuss abt things like that. ��

  2. Oh BTW that was germs

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes! And wait for the next post on what they talked to me about...