Saturday, 5 November 2016


with a taxi driver

Taxi driver   " so are you married"

Me  wondering why the hell they ask me that - " err no am divorced"  and why I answer I will never know.

Taxi Driver " divorced! why, should not divorce!"

Me - " he wasnt a very nice person, beat me and cheated alot of people"

Taxi Driver - " Its ok what! husband and wife sure got problem, its ok once in a while he beat you"

Me !!!!!??????

Taxi driver was a an older male...

With colleagues

Colleague 1 - "people say I look very strict"

Colleague 2 - " You?  No way, your face too soft,  People sure dont think that way about u"

Me - " No way, you have a baby face"

Colleague 1 - " really!  I thought I have that bitch face"  (Colleague 1 is male by the way)

Me - " no you dont.  Thats me, I have the resting bitch face....

Colleague 1  - giggles " actually Yah you do"

Me - !!!!???

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  1. I'm laughing, you are funny. What an idiot of a taxi driver x