Saturday, 26 November 2016

the 100 day challenge

So one of my friends recently posted an article on facebook, about  how we buy things we dont really need.

I am guilty of that.  I wander around the shops and convince myself that I need another blouse, tshirt, jeans or shoes...and end up spending money on things I dont need.

In the article, the person didnt buy anything new for 200 days ( see here for the article) which got me thinking.  Why do we have this insatiable need for new shiny things.  Boredom, that thrill of buying something new, like a reward we think we deserve..

I put myself on a challenge,  to not buy anything new for the next 100 days, and I am in day 14 of the challenge and it has been difficult.  I spent most of my adult life looking at my household budget to ensure we had enough money to last till the next paycheque.  When I finally had enough money set aside as savings, I began to spend more, on useless things I didnt need.  $300 on new tops, and dresses every 2 weeks, justifying to myself that I needed another top for work.

It had to stop, I had a cupboard full of clothes that I wasnt wearing and just because I had put on a bit of weight didnt mean I had to go buy more.... I still had enough clothes that fit me.
Its only been clothes and shoes that I spend extra on, as I prefer flea market finds to brand new for kitchen and house things.  My strange love of old telephones for instance, and the insane habit of looking for old enamel ware, so spending money on new dinnerware is not something I would do anyway.  But the clothes and shoes!  Enough was enough.

With Christmas around the corner, its going to be tough as the office started this secret Santa thing and we had to make our wish list and I have to get someone a 'new' gift.  no second hand things here! So for that one day I will have to cheat on my challenge and get that person a new gift and get one in return.  I did put in my wish list, food items which were part of my daily routine which in a way didnt make it new, if that makes sense...

so heres to reducing waste on clothes and wasting money on things I dont need...just 84 days to go.

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