Sunday, 20 November 2016

dont ask if you dont want to know

There is something about having your say, having someone actually listen to your feedback, whether good or bad. Which is why I love doing surveys, giving feedback etc.  Must be my busy body personality....

the email that started it all....

When people send me a survey for feedback I respond, whether good or bad service,  I try to respond with a fair review.  If your bloomin email says to me, we value your feedback as we want to make it better, I respond, so I was surprised when Redmart, a grocery delivery service I use, responded to a review I sent, based on their email asking me for feedback, that I needed to "edit" my review" as it did not meet the website guidelines..
it was a negative review of the product, I just said the meat smelt bad by the time I got it and that they perhaps should look at the chillers they were using for delivery.

To be nice ( I can be nice sometimes) I thought why not, just edit and see what happens

it didnt let me edit my review,  I kept getting the response that I had already submitted a glitch?  user problem?  WTF?

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