Wednesday, 21 December 2016

how many shades of grey.....

I have always struggled when it was time to dye my hair.

I hate the fuss and the drama of going to the hairdressers and getting colour put into my hair and even hate getting a hair cut.  Its something I do grudgingly.

As an asian I am limited with hair colour, its dark brown or black,  I cant go blonde or red or light brown... so its always a dark brown for me and it just seems so artificial.

I never coloured my hair when I was younger, didnt experiment with colours but when I started to go too grey I was persuaded that it was the done thing to cover all the grey.  I hated the trips trips to the salon which were always far and in between.  I would find any excuse not to go, to delay going or just forgetting about my hair until my mother would nag at me to go colour it..

I am done.  No more colouring my hair, I want to go grey and let it go at its own pace.  I love seeing an elegant older woman with a cascade of white hair, it looks natural, its how its meant to be.  I am 54, why bother colouring,  I feel like we are in denial about aging and colouring the hair will make us look or even feel younger..  well I dont see the point of doing that.  I am getting old, my skin is going to sag, I am going to get wrinkles, I want to embrace it and love who I am, and be happy in my aging body, grey hair and all.

and its really odd when the curtains dont match the rug....

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