Sunday, 5 February 2017

personality tests

So P sent me a link recently, a myers briggs personality test thingy.

I love doing those things, and I have never done the Myers Briggs, and my results surprised me.

There were alot of things that made sense and actually sort of joined the dots and while reading my results, I had a few ah ha moments.

The personality box that I belong in, is only 1% of the population. No shit... I knew I was different, but I always thought that there was something wrong with me.  Seriously something wrong.  But now that I know I am an INFJ, and that I am not totally strange, but someone actually recognises that there are personalities like me out there, I feel better.

I dont know why but I do.  Its like ok, maybe not that many of us out there,  but there are people like me..  I am sure there are various degrees of this strange personality and I am sure we all have our own quirks, but I belong somewhere... I actually belong in a group.

I have never belonged, I have never been one of anything, but now I do....

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