Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dopey, sleepy and grumpy

I have been sick since the 28th of Dec.  It started with a fever,  then escalated into a very bad viral flu.  I am still coughing like a TB patient which is exhausting.

The coughing is worse at night, sleep is the last thing on my mind when my lungs and chest are aching as I sit up in bed coughing.  I cough to the point where I am hoping my lungs would jump out, sort themselves out and then jump back in.....
The meds make me dopey, sleepy and everything seems like a dream sequence in a movie.  My head feels like its got cotton wool for brains, which is quite worrisome as I start my new job in 2 days.
Not a good start to a new job if I take on the personality of three of the seven dwarves, sleepy, dopey and grumpy.

I was doing the new year family thing at my place and I was feeling a bit better on Monday, enough for me to go get necessities with son.  No 2 and clean the place to make it visitor ready.  By the time New Years came around, I was back to having a fever and coughing.  Lots of coughing.
I can't take the meds as they incapacitate me, which means a slower  recovery but I have no choice.  I still have the place to clean etc and do laundry  before work on Monday.  I can't afford another day like today where I was so doped out that I slept the whole bloody day!

So fingers crossed that I recover enough to make it to work meds free.


  1. I am sorry to hear about how sick you have been, I hope you are back to your old self again soon. Good luck on monday I will be thinking of you, looking forward to hearing about your new job, hope it lives up to all of your expectations. Guess with you being sick you haven't dated much either? Rae xxx

    1. thank u, I hope I get better too, its been dismal! I had to cancel one date, I didnt fancy coughing in his face throughout the night.