Friday, 24 January 2014

superwoman has left the building

After 9 months of not following a clock and schedule I was brought back to earth with a resounding thud this last weekend.

A full week at work, learning the ropes in a new job and a new company and a weekend with errands to run, which included doing things for Mum, left me gasping for air on Sunday.

Saturday morning I had to meet Mum and take her to the optician to get her new prescription glasses.  As I too needed an eye check (my myopia is getting better as the eyes correct the short and long sightedness by itself) to see if my bifocal progressive glasses needed changing ( fuck getting old and wearing bifocals).

Mum and I had lunch after which we did a bit of shopping and I waited with her at the bus stop.  Half an hour later, after swearing at the bus companies as they were raising bus fares but still couldnt get the timing of the buses right, I flagged a taxi and put Mum into that.

The rest of Saturday was me running to make the 2.45 pm screening of a movie to find that when I got to the Cineplex, there were no more (good) seats for that screening, off again to another Cineplex close by and getting my preferred seat to watch one of the list of Oscar nominated movies.

Perhaps I was trying to do too much in one weekend.  After work its usually back home to cook dinner, and enough for me to pack for lunch the next day ( am still trying to be gluten free so takeaways are not a good option for me) and lets not forget laundry.  So I figured that I could indulge in a movie on the weekend.........
I had to do grocery shopping after the movie and its just so damn crowded everywhere in Singapore that I wondered if commuter/pedestrian rage will be the next big thing here.....road rage already is an issue but if you see the crowds in our underground rail system or in the malls on a saturday evening you too would wonder about commuter/pedestrian rage!

By the time I sat down to have dinner at 9pm I was so overwhelmed with my day and knowing that I had lots to do the next day,  I cancelled a  Sunday afternoon date  with Ice Cream man.  He had messaged earlier and when I told him I was in the movies, he said he would have come with me if I had asked.  It never occurred to me to ask....

Obviously my super powers arent working, somehow somewhere my personal kryptonite has found a way to corrupt my internal system.  Priorities have to be redefined. I have finally realised that I just cant do it all   Damn it I dont want to be Superwoman anymore!


  1. Feeling your pain, maybe you wanted to just see a movie by yourself or you have been operating on auto pilot x

    1. bit of both actually, auto pilot as so used to doing it by myself and yes enjoy the movie alone as no one bothers me!

  2. WOW! What a weekend! I'm exhausted just reading about it!

    1. Absolutely. I do sometimes go on strike and do nothing on some weekends.