Sunday, 12 January 2014

the new job

I knew it would take me a few days to get used to rushing around like a headless chicken each morning.  I knew that I would have to rush through my morning ritual of coffee and papers, gone were the days of relaxing and reading the papers for 2 hours each morning.  I had to condense that pleasure, like instead of a two hour love making session I get a 5 minute quickie by myself (which is what sex is like for me these days so I should be used to it ...right?)

The worst part of the morning however is the what to wear debacle, and shit I don't have nice shoes to wear to work either..... or is that reserved for the commute.... squeezing myself into crowded trains to get to work on time..
put all that with learning to work with new people and a new environment and you come up with my first week at work.....its been an education.  I was an unproductive member of society  for nine months ( I could have had a baby!!) and getting back into the swing of things is taking time.  I resent the fact that I have to go back to work which makes things so much worse.

Educating myself on the intricacies of the office politics is my first priority, learning who is the office bitch, the office gossip and the usual back stabbers has already started.....lesson one was on Friday morning....

But I will get used to it, I will become a drone once again and I will learn how to avoid gossip and politics.

On the upside,  I have old colleagues I worked with for years here and these are people I like and trust.   I get to go out everyday and interact with people, no more sitting at home and talking to the plants just to make sure I haven't lost my voice.  I also now work right smack in the middle of Singapore's shopping street and I get to feast my eyes on window displays and attractive men that work in the area. My new role also is a challenging one with me having to work and create new processes which is what I enjoy doing.

So its not all doom and gloom, I just need to shake off the lethargy and enjoy the work again.....


  1. I commented but it disappeared did you get it?

  2. guessing not as that one made me put the magic number in and the prior one didn't. As I was saying, I love how you worked out that having not worked for 9 months you could have had a baby. It's horrid your office politics, working with gossips, back stabbers, and I will also add lazy SOB are a drain aren't they. xxx Rae

  3. LOL!!! wish i was part of the gang working with you too!!! shall work as hard as i can to get you with me again!! muahahahaa... in the meantime, have fun my dear puteh!!! remember that you are awesome!!! xoxo, Q

    1. Thank you Q! you are like my personal cheer leading squad!