Thursday, 16 January 2014

celluloid dreams

 Each year I try to make time to watch all the movies that are Oscar contenders,  but invariably fail.   I then turn to  the DVD's  or wait for the movies to be shown on cable TV (which in Singapore isn't a great option  as censorship is pretty tight so tits and ass get cut out and bad words bleeped over and any gay scenes are butchered out of the movie)

Even with the censorship rules, Singapore has always been a movie loving culture, as  frankly, there is nothing else to do on weekends.  we either go for a movie, wander aimlessly through shiny malls or eat.  I do wish that we had better movies playing at the cinemas and not just the usual blockbusters but well..... one does live in hope.

I watch movies on my own, as I dont see how watching movies with someone is fun.  You sit in the dark watching a screen and no talking or interaction with the person next to you, seriously no talking during a why bother watching it with someone..... and I like my popcorn, one big bucket all to myself and I am sure a date would be horrified at the way I can munch through all that popcorn.....

So these past couple of months when I was still free and not a slave to my bank account, I managed to catch a few of the much anticipated releases.

1.  Desolation of Smaug - the second installation of the Hobbit series - I am a big fan of Peter Jackson and the lord of the rings etc so this one was a no brainer and a had to watch movie.... and while Peter Jackson did take liberties with the story, it is still a magnificent piece of story telling.

2.  The Counsellor - I really liked this and no not because it starred Javier Bardem and  Michael Fassbender.  The movie starts with Michael F in bed with Penelope Cruz and the inevitable sex scene but this sex scene is one with a difference, its an oral sex scene where he goes down on her......... anyway..... I watched it on my own which as it turns out was a good idea.   It would have been an awkward moment if as planned,  I had watched it with Ice Cream Man.  That sensual scene at the beginning would have had me squirming in my seat while seated with a date. One doesn't go watch these kind of movies with someone one has just met.....
I enjoyed the movie and its one of those movies that provokes one to start thinking after you leave the cinema.  its about consequences.

3.  12 years a Slave - While this was a very interesting story, very heartfelt, and disturbing, I found some of the way it was filmed a bit irritating.  The breaks between scenes where the camera looks off into the distance were a  bit too long drawn out and quite senseless.  But I did love the movie and cried like a baby

4.  American Hustle - Christian Bale and Amy Adams were very good in this.  All of the cast were good  but I am a big Christian Bale fan  and while he may be a prat in real life, he transforms into a whole new character while on film. This one I want to watch again as there was a man sitting in front of me who kept turning around and giving me dirty looks when I was munching on my popcorn which in turn made me very conscious of the noise I must have been making, which made me tense and I didn't quite enjoy the experience. Stupid dick.

There are a few more that I am eagerly waiting for and will watch before the Oscars.

1.  Wolf of Wall Street
2.  Inside Llewyn Davis - Coen Brothers - nothing left to say but a must watch for me
3.  Her

I guess real life has its limitations which is why my celluloid dreams hold so much fascination..........


  1. American Hustle was my favorite of the group. By the way I was in Singapore years back during Chinese New Year - it was the largest, most well-behaved group of people ever roaming the streets!

  2. I'm like you - I want to watch all of them, but I've seen exactly NONE of them.

    1. am trying real hard this year to see most of them...hopefully