Sunday, 19 January 2014


I recently learnt a new acronym.

F - Failed
I - in
L- London
T - Tried
H- Here

For years men have been coming to Asia to work, either with big bucks to accompany their sojourn in the exotic east or totally skint like the majority of us.  The ones with the hefty expat packages were the CEO's and like, and they got the big housing allowances and lived it up in full comfort that their money could afford.
The Asian woman of course threw themselves at these men, even the married ones. Once the contract was over, the men go home with the families and forget the mistresses that they had.  Or they divorce their wives of 20 years and set up home here with the (much) younger  new Asian wife.

On the other hand you have the ordinary Caucasian male that comes over here.  He has heard stories of how Asian women throw themselves at them ( and he heard right) all because he is a white skinned male.  He doesn't need to be good looking, or have the body of Adonis, as long as he is white he will get laid.  There are hundreds of single white men here, from the young to the old, all waiting for their jungle bunny ( a derogative term for Malay or Indonesian women,  this one I first heard from the expat wives) or to get yellow fever ( an affliction that single white males who date only Chinese women get ).

Which is how the acronym FILTH came about.

It is I guess a male Caucasian  equivalent to what we call our women who throw themselves at only white men - The SPG or Sarong Party Girl.  I have had that moniker thrown at me as I do date white men but they aren't my only source of amusement, I have dated Asian and Indian men too (see my post here on sarong party me) .

Its not all about chasing the exotic though, there are the genuine cases where two people meet, fall in love and make a future together.  It is however exotic, it is different, whether its from the Caucasian point of view or from the Asian.  Its different.  Its not always better, its just different.

I do think that there is some truth in me being labelled an SPG,  I tried to date  Asian men but most of them just didn't hold my attention long enough.  I relate to men that have had a more "western" outlook to life and if there were Asian men out there who were brought up in the west and had the same sense of warped humour I had, then I would be asking him out. Until then I guess I will be the (ageing or is it over the hill) SPG and the  (older) FILTH are quite welcome to ask me out.


  1. Very funny and so many acronyms, interesting post you taught me something.

    1. It's so interesting the dating scene between the east and west!