Friday, 27 December 2013

where did the year go......

2013 seemed to go by in a flash.
This was supposed to be my navel gazing year.  My year to see if I liked who I had become, my year to change some things that were not working.
 I set myself some realistic resolutions last year (after all I am wiser right??) and lo and behold I seem to have pulled it off!  I have achieved some of the things I set out to do.

my goals for 2012 were

Resolution no 1
I am going to speak up more and tell people what I like and what I want.  I tend to shut up and let things flow even if I don't like it 
And I did.  I stood firm and made a stand on a few issues, what I wanted from a relationship (although not resolved, I am more vocal in asking for what I want) and the other was to say it was not OK how people treated those that I love.

Resolution no 2
I will go out with all the men that ask me.  Errrr perhaps I may not go out with all but the majority of men that ask me.
And I did! I dated and met new people and while not all were good dates, I did find that good decent men do exist.

Resolution no 3
I will travel in 2013.
I may not have travelled to all the places I wanted but I did spend 6 weeks in the UK which included  rediscovering my favourite city London,  and 5 weeks in NZ, where I found  that running a motel could be hard but rewarding work and definitely on the list as my retirement plan.

Resolution no 4
I will be a better manager in the office.  I have been neglecting Corporate Goddess for awhile now.  She needs to step up her game!
Epic Fail!   Corporate Goddess has left the building, she quit, she has new priorities.  I start a new job on the 6th of Jan, but I am no longer in pursuit of money and am quite happy to sit on the low rungs of the ladder.  My job is a necessity to pay bills.  I am now comfortable with knowing that and have accepted that I am not ever going to be a high achieving corporate goddess.

I have learnt a few painful lessons this year.  Love sometimes isn't enough for someone to want to make a commitment. (admitting love isn't easy to some people either).  Family aren't always what they seem. Most of all I have learnt that I should trust my instincts.  That nagging voice at the back of my mind actually knows what its saying and ignoring it has pushed me into bad situations.  It was that voice that propelled me into the world of blogging and I thank Simone (the voice) for that.  Its cheaper than therapy!

So I wait for 2014 with open arms.......

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