Sunday, 14 October 2012

wonder woman is tired

my wonder woman key chain
Its been a hectic weekend
Saturday was a visit to the dentist in the morning then to go check out some Indian outfits (spent some money buying tops and cloth for 2 Punjabi suits) then on to the supermarket to pick up meat to cook on Sunday, then home where I baked a gluten free carrot cake ( turned out brilliant by the way, what else would you expect from wonder woman!!)
then in the evening went with mum to the 'Club' as she wanted to go as it was the 'Clubs' 160th Anniversary.
Put me within sniffing distance of alcohol and you know what will happen, yes I had a wee bit too many gin and tonics but this morning I had to get up early as I needed to cook enough to last me 4 days as come Monday, I will be on site for an event for 3 days..  They got me to agree to help them with this event solely due to the ego boosting " we need someone mature ( no that wasn't it) well mannered and pretty (that was it) who wore pearls and a black dress."
So going on site meant that as I was still trying my best to be gluten free, I had to cook my own meals and pack my breakfast and lunch each day.
The MotoGP was on today early as they are in Japan and that meant that I would be watching the races, while peeling onions and vegetables.
And to top it all off My lovely Lena, (who cleans for me each Sunday) called me at 11am saying she couldn't make it today.
Which meant I had to cook beef curry, chicken curry, 2 veg, rice, and my brown rice, then laundry (2 loads)
and vacuum the sofa and chairs, the floor, the bedroom and sweep the kitchen, run the mop everywhere and wash the bathrooms.  So yes wonder woman is exhausted today.

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