Thursday, 11 October 2012

when the phone rings at midnight and its the son....

Right, I dont know about everyone else but when my mobile rings at midnight and I see its the son calling, I tend to panic.  Heres what happened last night( this morning)

Mobile rings, Its 11 minutes past midnight, I check and see it is son no 2!!

Me :  Hello??
Son:  Mum hey sorry to wake you but could you open the door, I cant find my house keys
Me:  yeah yeah ok.

I stumble out of my room, cursing him but thankful it isnt a dire emergency and open the door for for him.

Me:  what happened to your keys
son:  Dont know I must have left it at the Squash centre
Me:  Idiot
Son:  Where is the spare key?
Me, peering in the dark at my key tray :  Er here, oh shit I gave it to Lina (the lovely Lina comes to clean my place)
Trust me, at midnight my sleepy brain isnt working so well and it didnt click that I had to have a key to leave the flat.
Son:  Can i get your keys, I have to go out again
Me:  Huh! now!  then how am i going to work?  and wont you need the keys when you go to work?
Son:  er yah er so you wake me up before you leave
Me, looking at him and wishing he wasnt so big so that I could smack him once on his bloody bottom:  Wake you up?  Will you wake up so early to lock the bloody door, as you are probably going to be out all night!

I gave him my bunch of keys,  then as he started to take out the single key for our front door, out of my bunch of keys,  he said
Son:  shit hang on I think I put my keys in the other pocket in my bag!!

and sure enough there they were!

Me:  Dickhead!

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