Sunday, 7 October 2012

damn it if you are invited, you dont say no on the day itself

so the girls got together to arrange a get together for my 50th, champagne brunch on a Sunday afternoon.
this morning I got a few texts from some of them saying they couldn't make it

Now I understand that life takes precedent over frivolous activities like brunch to celebrate a friends birthday..... and I have been guilty of this myself and you know what.... it sucks.
To know that your friends think that a get together to celebrate your birthday is not important.
Makes you think

I apologise to all my friends that I have done this to, there aren't that many but there are times when I have thought that I couldn't face a crowd or face another kids birthday party on my own.  But you know what, today I realised that its not about me, its about the person who thought you were important enough to warrant an invitation.

Am off to celebrate with friends who think I am worth the effort.
UPDATE - two of them made it in the end and two others were stuck in the office since Saturday.  All forgiven!


  1. yeah i stayed!!! love yah puteh!!!

  2. hey!!! aren't you supposed to change this post????