Monday, 8 October 2012

why do i do this to myself

drink till I am pissed and pass out
I did wonder this morning how I made it back home and how did I manage to change into my pj's and feed the cat before falling into bed.  Oh and yes I did hug the toilet bowl for a bit before I flopped unladylike into bed only to have the horrible feeling of having the whole world spinning when you close your eyes, and like you are on a boat in very stormy seas.

Well brunch yesterday was fabulous, even if I did get annoyed at some friends that didn't turn up but well they had to work and I should stop being a bloody diva and get over it.

As buffets go, its one of the best we have here for Champagne brunch and the price reflects that!  There also is alot of food, and dessert and of course the draw was the free flow of champagne.  So we did the 12.30pm till 3pm of guzzling down as much Champagne as possible while trying to eat all the lovely Sashimi, foie gras and scallops and what ever else we could scoff down.
If I was smart, which I have never professed to be, I would have gone home straight after that and not have egged on a couple of others to go have another drink in town.  Which we did and which is why at 8pm I was stumbling home dead drunk and passed out on the bed by 9pm, and why today in the office I felt like I had died and my body didn't want to believe it so it just went through the motions of living.  And lets not forget about the hot flushes. The alcohol doesn't care that I take supplements to stave off the hot flushes, it seems to be thumbing its nose at me as if to say 'supplements, I spit on your supplements'  cue evil laugh here.

All I can say to myself is serves me bloody well right

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  1. you only turn 50 once! i should have joined you guys for round2!