Wednesday, 5 October 2011 archaic ritual & a necessary evil

What is dating.  Two people meet for a singular purpose to see if they are compatible and attracted to each other enough to make future plans.  Its like a test!  Isn't it?
A test to see who you are, what you like and if the other person likes you enough.  Its stressful!!  But its a necessary evil.  How else do you find someone you want to hang out with forever.  Whether its an introduction by friends, online dating, being fixed up by our parents, seeing someone in the gym everyday, that is the beginning to dating.  You ask the person out, you go out with that person and it becomes a date!!
There are several forms of dates, dinner, museums, walking the old train tracks, jungle trekking, movies, a drink in a bar, fishing, cycling, in fact any social activity can be a date. 
Its a prelude for things to come. 
If after the first date you know you will never be able to imagine yourself with that person, you move on.  You start again, sifting through the potentials and date again.  Its tiring, Its stressful, you have to be on your best behaviour to attract and keep their interest.  Did our parents and grandparents get it right with arranged marriages and no dating.  Has our freedom of choice actually made us more confused?
I know I am confused.  Confused to the point that I am doing it all wrong. 

I don't know how to date or how to be the perfect little woman that plays hard to get so that men want to go out with me (following the old saying that men want what they can't have).  What you see is what you get with me, no games.  Perhaps its time to play the game of dating, to do it the right way.

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