Wednesday, 19 October 2011

do as i say and not as i do

I have been guilty of preaching, yes indeed, I preach and act like I am the perfect person and everyone else is wrong.  I give advice freely ( and yes have been guilty of giving it when it wasnt asked for) and click my tongue when they dont listen and say "see i told you so".  Its hard to come down to reality and hear it from someone else that I am not always right.  Recently I gave a friend some advice on dating ( dont laugh) and i could actually hear my own words as my mouth formed them and I stopped myself.  I couldnt believe myself.  I was giving her advice on what not to do when I was guilty of doing exactly the same thing!
I preach and I hate it. Time to stop and think before I open my mouth.  That will be difficult, I am more the, open mouth, stick foot in, then try to extract foot, type.  I used to be unbearable, I used to tell my brother how to raise his children.  I was insufferable, but I am happy to report that I realised it pretty quickly and I stopped.  I am afraid that I will end up like my mother ( I love you mum but...) so my kids have been told, to buy a shot gun and shoot me if I become like my mother.  They have to correct me discreetly from now by calling me 'Sharan' everytime I act pompous (Sharan being my mothers name)
But I digress.....
I have to stop giving advice especially as I increasingly find myself doing the exact opposite of all that damn advice I so freely give out.

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