Monday, 17 October 2011

no more people please

If you read the papers you would know that in the "only" main English language paper today, there was mention of something  along the lines of better rail access will bring about more patronage of the rail way system as the new vehicle quota will be slowed down etc etc.  Now they also stated that we currently have a population of 5.18 million people on our tiny little red dot of an island and wait for it..... they are expecting it to grow to 6.5 million within the decade!!
Are they out of their fucking minds!  Not only are we already crowded and bursting at the seams, its going to get worse !!  They are everywhere, rushing around, pushing, shoving, rude people
Everyday, the trains are jammed packed and no the transport minister doesn't need to go ride the trains and tell us " see its fine, I got on easily"  leave the entourage behind and ride it incognito, then tell us !!

A few days earlier there was a disruption at one of the main city stations right at peak hour end of the day.  It was scary looking at the pictures of the people waiting for the train on the overcrowded platform.  When I do decide to take the train, I marvel at the throng of people rushing for the escalators once they get off the trains.  I once stood upstairs looking down at the platform of rushing people and wondered what if  there was an accident.  What would happen if someone fell in that rushing crowd, would people trample that person, not knowing that someone had fallen.  Do we need to wait for that to happen before we think about better crowd control.
Ultimately we need to ask, do we need more people, is it the right way to fuel the economy by bringing in more people??

I for one say stop, no more people please.

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