Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the first date fizzles

In one of my earlier posts I talked about going on line again in search of "the one".  The first flush of anticipation quickly turned to disgust, disdain and disappointment.  I got offline very quickly!  I went back to the age old tradition of fixer uppers, the well meaning friends that arrange it for you,  the blind dates!
I was told how old he is, what he does, etc etc. The date was arranged and we agreed to meet in a restaurant for dinner in the middle of the week.  As the date was arranged a couple of weeks in advance, the anticipation grew and I did get all excited about dressing up and getting ready to meet a "new" person. 

Then I began to wonder, panic even, was I ready to go out there and meet New people, new Men?  Was I ready to move on?   I thought I had made up my mind and wanted to move on and forget the failed attempt of a relationship.  Would it have been fair to go out and have dinner with someone new, a potential  ( a new date shall be called a potential), when I haven't moved on.
I have had dinners with men friends since I (thought i had) finished with the failed attempt of a relationship,but somehow with MF1(lets call this one MF1 for men friend 1) it was ok to go out and have dinner as MF 1 isn't a potential.

So.......Instead of going out tonight for a good dinner with a potential, I will be home cooking dinner for myself and the son and watching TV.
Safe in my little cocoon away from all the Potentials!

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