Thursday, 15 September 2011

life story

no this blog isn't just about dating and men,  it is also my avenue to write down my thoughts, my lifes journey and just my daily ramblings.
Pen down the journey that is my life....... with some edits of course!  I always wondered about what to put down in my life story, whether i would be able to tell the truth.  it never is about just one person, its about all the people that are connected to you and some of it is extremely unpleasant, horrid and well downright embarrassing! Maybe the imperfections make for a good story but how many of us can actually write it all down exactly as it happened.  How many of us are brave enough to face the wrath of our "loved" ones when we spill the beans on our imperfect lives.
Will I be brave enough...............

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  1. time to update your blog??? haha don't just beautify it... i'm waiting for updates!