Friday, 23 September 2011

early morning encounters

I am uncomfortable when people are too close to me in crowded places, and as I am dependent on our ever efficient but increasingly dubious public transport system, I am in crowded places every morning.  Now,  I take the time to have a good shower every morning to make sure I smell nice and am clean when I go out, I wish other people would do the same.  Its early in the morning, why do some of them look crumpled, like they slept in their clothes, they smell too and  its not just body odour, it is also bad breath and stinking hair.

Then there are those that hog two seats instead of one, yes their knee/handbag/shopping/that tiny little plastic bag/ elbow, all need that one seat for themselves.  Or the able bodied people that pretend to be asleep and totally ignore the elderly and pregnant.  I am not about to preach nor about to tell people what they should or should not do, but at least if you want to pretend to be asleep, make it more realistic!

Women in short skirts, lovely to look at as long as they don't sit down in front of you in a very unbecoming manner.
Whats the etiquette on bags?  handbags, laptop bags, back packs or just bags. I try to keep my bags as close to me as possible, but I notice I am in the minority.  Everyone else seems to want to do as much damage to the other persons anatomy with their various forms of luggage and bags!
Then there are the perverts..... I once saw an old man stroking a young womans hair.  She was sitting in the seat in front of him, and he was enjoying himself stroking her long hair.  I thought "ok this man knows this young woman"  But no he didn't!  He did stop when he noticed me watching him though!

Lets not forget the bus drivers, as most of my crowd cringing moments happen on the bus.
I have discovered four categories of bus drivers so far
1.  the I wanna be a F1 driver
2.  the jerk stop go driver
3.  the snail (especially happens when you are late)
4.  the I have to beat the traffic lights and brake suddenly to see if people can fly driver

I am sure this particular post will be continuously updated as I go about on my daily travels on buses and perhaps even expand to include the trains.  Taxi that's another post altogether!

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