Wednesday, 16 October 2013

the tart

I love pies and tarts but have never been very successful making pastry.  Gluten free pastry is easier to handle so now I have no excuses not to try out tarts and pies.

the tart, decorating skills nil....
As I experiment with gluten free flour, I get more confident and I have always wanted to try a frangipane tart and as I had a few pears left over, the only natural thing to do was go googling and find a recipe I could convert to gluten free.

I found this Pear and frangipane tart recipe and substituted a gluten free all purpose flour blend that I have been using, from the website of the gluten free girl .  See HERE for the flour blend I used. 

There is about 250gms of butter in the whole recipe, which is a lot and I do have a problem with dairy but sometimes you just want that damn tart!
It came out perfect! And tasted even yummier.

slice of tart with herb tea

Not everything comes out perfect, on Monday I made some basic muffins using a normal muffin recipe, it didn't turn out too well.  It's still edible but just blah.... .... but I dont throw food away if I can help it so blah muffins have to be eaten...


  1. Nice work on the tart, I'm a muffin kind of girl as it's a one dish wonder. xxx Rae