Tuesday, 22 October 2013

mama's got a brand new toy (another one)

I have been frustrated with my old camera for a long time.  Its just one of those point and shoot cameras, the type that my dad used to call idiot proof cameras.
I bought that in 2008 and its been wonderful and while I did start off by using the auto mode on it, I gradually moved on to fiddling with the manual controls and even got a tutorial from A.

But those little handy cameras have their limitations so for some time now I have been itching to get myself a good digital camera.  I am not in the professional photographer class but I like taking pictures and I do seem to have an eye for composing a picture.  So  I flipped the papers daily to see if any specials were about and finally I saw two places advertising the camera I wanted.  It came with 2 lens, loads of freebies and I am like a kid with a brand new toy.
Nikon D3200

So while I am still unemployed and free, I have a new toy to play with.............


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    1. Oh Yes, spent all afternoon yesterday in the heat, snapping pictures with the new toy