Saturday, 19 October 2013

just a random post about nothing

so this morning started out quite focused until my sister cancelled a whiskey tasting we were supposed to attend ( yeah I know whiskey tasting on a Saturday morning........I thought I had died and gone to heaven).

it spiralled out of control after that......
I got on email, then saw an email from Pinterest...... and yes as usual once you get on that you lose a whole hour and think, what the fuck happened!
then the Motogp qualifying was on and I had to abandon Pinterest to watch that, and of course those damn bananas were getting mushy and I just HAD to make muffins but I had no walnuts so couldn't add some texture to the muffins but had to make them anyway.  Don't you just love texture in your mouth!!

I think I took too much Ventolin this makes me hyper..............

and its only 10.50am


  1. You are funny, no walnuts, try sultanas. xxx

    1. son doesnt like sultanas in muffins.....and we do everything for our kids dont we!