Friday, 11 October 2013

how to meet men....seriously, I want to know

I last had a few dates early this year, probably in January or February, after I went online on one of the free dating sites.  I didn't give it much of a go, as I wasn't that enamoured about dating or looking for anyone.
After that I headed off to London then New Zealand so dating was not my priority, and A was talking to me again, which made me as usual, hopeful..........well, that didn't end well and I find myself back at the beginning,  staring down at that road, full of toads, trolls and octopuses that pass off as men waiting to date.  I wonder what that makes me?

I don't know how else to meet men, except to go online.  I was never one of those women that could charm and flirt with all men, or go out and try to meet men in a bar.   I have to be attracted to a man before I would even bother, and it takes a lot to attract me, good looks for sure, but then I am one of those that finds Sam Allardyce attractive,  so go figure what I mean by good looks!
Big Sam is a football manager in England
But its not all about looks, its also about the meeting of minds.  If he can't engage me in conversation and keep the banter flowing, its quite hopeless.  I am attracted to a mans mind as much as his looks.
In Singapore dating is a young persons game, the older woman is left stranded as older men want young women on their arms and the younger men want MILF's just for sex.

Which bring me to my ego,  in a strange way it has taken a beating this last year with A telling me it was just sex and nothing else. It bothers me that my looks and body  is all that they want. I have never thought myself as beautiful and I still think its my personality people are drawn to, but......
I have a mind, and a decent personality to match which doesn't seem to be what they want. Don't get me wrong, I like sex, maybe too much but that isn't what it should be all about, right?

So what am I to do?  Online dating has had its 5 minutes of fame and while it still is one way, it is not the only way,  to meet people.  I read men's blogs about dating as well, just to see how the other half thinks and this one blog has caught my eye.  The Private man seems to think like me and that we should be looking at other options as well as online dating........

time to go check out the meet ups and the social sites I guess,  but the other questions  beg some I chasing something elusive?  am I just too old to find that special someone?


  1. You know... I met my husband online but we didn't actually 'meet' for about 2 months. We were emailing each other every night for those 2 months though and because we both express ourselves well (as you do) in writing we got to know each other without the awkward physical stuff. It worked for me :)

    1. I met lots of nice of men online as well as asshats, met A there too, but I dont know if I have the energy to date anymore

  2. Keep going, it's got to get better at some time surely, law of averages xxx Rae