Sunday, 29 September 2013

death of the comics

I am one of those people that still likes to hold the newspaper and read it every morning.  While I get updates of news from the digital media I somehow like holding that paper and enjoying that coffee in the morning as part of a ritual that makes things good in my life.

Over the last few weeks however, a change has occurred that has left a bad taste in my mouth. The comics disappeared.  From 8 or more strips in the daily paper and  a two page spread in the Sunday papers it is now reduced to 2 in the daily and a quarter section in the Sunday papers.
Of course I wrote in to the papers to find out why!!

Seems I was not the only one asking this question as the paper put out an article about the loss of the comics, (Read it here) citing more content on the arts scene as the main culprit that the comics were sacrificed.  So I patiently read the papers looking for the content that replaced my comics and indeed yes there was more of the arts being mentioned in the section....However, there were also alot more advertisements.

So being the humble citizen that I am I wrote again to the papers asking them if content could be better managed with less advertisements and perhaps coming up with another supplement to move some content like boring parenting and kids stuff (we already have supplements on Wednesday to Friday on IT and digital things, health and fashion) and still have the comics...... lets see what they reply after they have had a laugh at my email....


  1. I am eagerly awaiting their reply. Good for you, you can't mess with the bloody paper people. We have had the paper delivered for about 30 odd years, couldn't do without it either. First thing Michael does is read the comics.

    1. I doubt they will reinstate the comics but I really wish they would!