Tuesday, 3 September 2013

small town girl at heart

We spent one night in Auckland, at Base, the backpackers hostel in the middle of Queen Street, yes another hostel........so fun... sharing toilet and bathrooms, no seriously it wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.  Now if only the hostel would use some WD40 on the creaky bathroom door then all would be good.

coast of Paihia
These hostels are pretty good, basic, but decent enough to just have a place to sleep (i still wont do a shared dorm type room) and shower.  we also left our big luggage here as we were headed to the Bay of Islands for a couple of days.  Early morning again we were off, walking down Queen Street to the bus pick up point.  Naked Bus, as the company implies, its a budget coach service but its a decent cheap service.  So in New Zealand take the Naked bus and look for specials as their deals are worth it!.

Waitangi grounds
Paihia - We arrived in the afternoon, at another Base backpackers and as they didnt have the room we booked, we got a larger dorm room with a promise that no one would share with us.  We also got a free dinner and 2 glasses of wine thrown in at the bar at the hostel.  It was a rugby final that night and the bar was showing it so the plans all fell neatly into place... sweet!
Waitangi grounds

Church in Paihia
I dont know about you but small towns like Paihia appeal to me.  I think its got something to do with the fact that I grew up in a small enclave of Singapore where shopkeepers, neighbours, everyone knew each other.  Its probably old age creeping up on me, where I hanker after the days gone by!  Anyway

Pahia  is an amazing little town, one street, one jetty, one long coastal
Sunset at Paihia
road to the Waitangi Treaty grounds (for a bit of history and you can walk it too as WL and I did).  I am sure in the summer months its buzzing with lots of people all over the place enjoying the fresh breeze, the laid back atmosphere and the lack of a Starbucks and MacDonalds.  Although WL did grumble about that.......
Maybe I should buy a business here......................

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