Wednesday, 25 September 2013

getting my ass in gear

I havent been writing much.  I havent been doing much of anything lately.

I was supposed to get my ass in gear and do the bathroom tiles but I have a very good excuse for not doing so.  My dads brother and his wife were down for a visit from India (Dads 2nd brother was born here but he had to go back to India to look after the family farm.  He was supposed to sort out his papers and come back here to live in 1966/67 but well life happened)
frm left.  nephew, big sis, uncle, niece, mum, aunt, aunt.  back row- me, sis in law, bro, cousin

Dads sister also came for a visit from Perth so it was like a mini reunion of sorts.  So I have been escorting the oldies around town on their shopping trips etc.  loads of fun but it also made me realise that Mum is slowing down considerably.  (picture is at her 76th birthday party) her knees are giving way(arthritis, the doc says) and she seems to get confused easily.  but thats a whole new post on ageing (if I get my ass in gear)

While it was fun being the oldies escort, I realised I was hiding from my own life.  So much easier to organise other peoples itinerary and lives.  I am bored to tears of staying home and playing house.  but I havent got the motivation to go out and do things.  Like taking pictures and going to the museum or even going out for a movie.  Its getting quite dire.  I dont want to end up a cranky old lady who is the resident hermit in the neighbourhood.  I have to get out of the house each day and do something productive and if on days when I stay home I need to be equally occupied.  Will that happen?   Hmmmm..........

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  1. To get you started, maybe volunteer somewhere, that way you'll meet new people till you figure out what you want to do. xxx Rae