Saturday, 14 September 2013


DIY - Do it yourself.....many connotations especially in my single existence....
However this time DIY is all about re grouting my bathroom tiles.

I had grand visions of me being able to re grout both bathrooms and then proudly displaying it to all that "I did this".
Well as they say....the best laid plans......
I consulted my favourite and youtube....and it came up with plenty of videos on how to do it yourself.
Seems I have to dig out the old grout before I put in the new one!!  Who knew!
And it seems I have to buy this mechanical degrouting thingy as well as a a host of other tools.....
so before I start I have to go get these tools (not the mechanical one though)   A simple idea has now bitten me (once again) in the ass.


  1. Sounds like hard work, I give up. xxx

    1. hmm yes I may do just that...but I guess I would get a good post out of the experience!