Sunday, 25 August 2013

willys and Wellington

I wanted to see some of the country while I was in New Zealand and managed to do that after spending time in Rotorua with my uncle (he is my Dads younger brother and it was special spending time with him as we would chat whenever we could and he would reminisce about the old days which gave me insight into my fathers childhood)
My friend and ex colleague joined me in New Zealand and we headed south of the North Island first to see Wellington.  Its a lovely city (pity about the earthquakes) quaint and pretty and compact.  Its smaller than Auckland, which was too crowded and city like for me.

My friend managed to persuade me into trying the hostels to save money (I have Never stayed in one) and I was up for the challenge as I figured, yeah why not, have to try something at least once........
curved staircase at the hostel
We stayed at the  Downtown Backpackers which was right by the bus drop off point (Naked bus!! love that name) and in front of the Railway station.  Saves on bus or taxi fares and lugging suitcases miles to get to the stations as we had an early morning train to catch to Auckland as well.

love the green toilet!
I was a bit apprehensive at the thought of sharing a bedroom with strangers so we put in a bit more money and got private rooms.  We also got a room with a bathroom. I did however,  feel a little out of place knowing that I probably would be the oldest person on the property but thankfully  there were other baby boomers wandering around.  Downtown backpackers was once the Hotel Waterloo, an art deco hotel that actually hosted Queen Elizabeth in 1953, pity they didn't see fit to keep the hotel as a hotel instead of converting it to a hostel......

Wellington is a great city to visit, in the off earthquake season if there
actually is an off season for earthquakes.  I was woken up at 1am to feel the bed shaking and no it wasn't me shagging anyone just a 4.something tremor.   I loved the buildings, from art deco to the late 1800's that dot the city centre, loved the little train that took us to the top where the botanical gardens are.  The views up there of the city and harbour are amazing even if my friend and I  got an eyeful of a young lad running straight into us with his willy hanging and bouncing along....and by young lad I mean a young man of about 16 or 18.  Highlight of the trip as I haven't seen a real willy in ages........
Its Gandhi!

views from the willy shots though


  1. very funny, glad you enjoyed Wellington despite the quake and the over exposure. xxx