Thursday, 29 August 2013

i somehow lost wednesday

I am one of the lucky few in Singapore that has a collection system every two weeks of our rubbish for recycling.  I keep my plastic bottles, glass and old newspapers in a neat pile in the kitchen and put it outside my front door on Tuesday night for collection on Wednesday morning.

Yesterday however,  I forgot it was Wednesday.

Somehow in my hazy, cloudy brain it was only Tuesday yesterday.  I did leave my flat to go to the supermarket and I did read the papers in the morning but I still managed to retain the thought that it is only Tuesday.  I even looked at my neighbours and noticed that they had put out their recycling but it still didnt register.

My mind is rotting and melting away,  I can feel the brain cells oozing out of my ears!
Methinks I need to start (seriously) looking for a job


  1. I agree, hurry up and get a job before you start losing more than Wednesdays. xxxxx

    1. I am so lazy, lethargic and I talk to myself too often.....yes I do need a job real soon.