Monday, 19 August 2013


Adjusting to a life of doing nothing is getting me down.  I am bored, restless and getting lazy.  I have spent the last 2 days doing the bare minimum (not even doing laundry) and vegging out on the sofa with a book (e-book actually)
I haven't planned my grocery shopping very well and had to run to the supermarket yesterday, a Sunday no less, to brave the manic Sunday hordes just to get a few bits for my Guinness and beef pie.  Cooking in not doing work, its a labour of love for me as I do love cooking and trying out new stuff.....and licking the bowls and pots after everything is cooked. sort of my reward?  not so, light bulb moment this morning while groaning and moaning as my stomach heaved and churned (amazing what insights you get while on the toilet)  was that Guinness stout has fucking gluten!


NZ was mostly work and no play and I had a purpose each day which gave me the incentive to get out of bed each morning.  Back in Singapore I have sorted the kitchen and cleaned out all the cabinets and laid the bug paper in every cupboard, and that's it.  I have no incentive to start my re grouting of the bathroom tiles ( what did I buy from NZ.... a box of grouting to do my bathroom tiles...seriously) or even download the hundreds of pictures that I took in NZ (this week,  I promise, a collage of pictures of sunrise and sunset in Rotorua)

I also wanted to stay fit (all those amazing walks in NZ and the active lifestyle made me fit and trim) as in getting up each morning and going for a walk before the heat and traffic set in, but haven't been doing that as the book I am reading (game of thrones series) is too good to put down and I end up going to bed at 1 or 2 am each night.

Utterly lazy and non productive..........


  1. Nothing like a good book to keep you up at night and make you useless the next day :)