Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Homeward bound

And so it's been 5 weeks in New Zealand. How time flies.
It's been a fabulous adventure with learning all about running a motel, actually being in charge of it and then going to see some parts of this beautiful country.

I missed home, my place, my bed, my bathroom, my plants (which may be dead by the time I  get home as i dont know if son no 2 has watered them or not) my kitchen.  Eating gluten free on the road has been such a challenge only because fish and chips seem to be everywhere! I did indulge, as there is one fish and chip shop in rotorua that is worth the pain. I have had to add dairy to the no no list and I did have ice cream only once.   I  am after all in the land of milk and honey..... Seriously!

This trip was also part of the reflection plan, to reflect on my life to see where and what the next phase of my life will  be.  I do know what I want to do but it's just how to get there..... So I don't have all the answers yet.
What I do know though is that  this time tomorrow I will be home...


  1. Welcome home, glad you enjoyed the land of the long white cloud and the land of milk and honey. I hope you didn't have too upset a tummy with the dairy foods. I find a huge difference from here in Australia to NZ, senakot sorts it. xxx Rae