Monday, 12 August 2013

order has been restored

It looked like the laundry basket had thrown up all over the kitchen.
Clothes lay on counter tops, in the onion basket and all over the floor as if the laundry basket had had one too  many and couldnt hold it down anymore.....
That was the chaotic scene that greeted me on my return.
and the sight of my fast fading limp  plants looking at me accusingly and gasping for water, and saying 'how the hell could you leave us with that man/boy'

There were things all over the place, the coffee table in the living room became an extension of his bedside table, the kitchen counter looked like plastic and glass bottles were trying to start an invasion and the sink.......was a science experiment gone wrong.

and I had caught the flu in Auckland, which made for a miserable flight and when I got home and witnessed the chaos that was my home, I just gave up and didnt even try to tackle the pile of dishes in the experiment gone wrong sink.
When son no 2 finally came home, he brought with him fried rice (i asked) as I was too sick to cook or go buy my own dinner, and he looked equally exhausted from working, and he announced he was going to Moscow for work in a couple of days.

The lecture I had prepared in my head went out the window my silly stupid heart melted at his exhausted state and I knew I had to tackle his pile of washing before I got to mine.  He left on Friday night and it has taken me the whole weekend and more  to sort things out and to have my home back.
and the plants are getting better too


  1. Sending you get better wishes, see he just couldn't cope without you that's why the place was a disaster area waiting to happen. xxx

    1. Nope, he just doesnt see that leaving things all over the place is a problem. Some woman, some day is going to curse me as I didnt train this one!