Saturday, 17 May 2014

if i could drive....i would be the original hipster...

I never learnt to drive.

It never bothered me much before, this lack of driving ability, except recently.  Living in Singapore one doesn't need to drive, as public transport is excellent and affordable, even with overcrowding and recent train breakdowns, its still an excellent means of getting around the island.

However, the lack of a vehicle and the means to operate said machine, has made me a bit frustrated at times.  I cant just plan a route to several pit stops through out the day to purchase stuff or just to browse through places.  Its limiting my weekends in that I am unable to fulfil my wanderlust.

my dream.....
If I could drive however what car would I see myself in.....
I think of that alot
The mini is definitely the car I would drive, its small, its easy to park and manoeuvre and I am sure it wont be too hard to zip around in that.
I of course always wanted a Vespa....instead of a motorbike.  yes the romanticised version of the motorbike is probably my favourite form of transport.

This morning in the papers I saw my dream vehicle.  A vespa with a side car!!  How Brilliant!  me thinks perhaps I should go get my licence just so that I can go buy one of these.  There even is a guy that customises them  ( See an article about the guy here)

Something to add to the bucket list...........

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