Friday, 2 May 2014


last couple of days I have been wandering around alone taking pictures.  On Wednesday it was in the Botanic Gardens and I took so many pictures and enjoyed my day so much that the Gardens deserve another post.....
the old Pagoda

old bungalow, was a French restaurant

The botanic gardens balanced my equilibrium and put me at peace with being me.  I had slathered sunblock and happily spent all late morning and early afternoon wandering the gardens and taking pictures.  I walked the entire length of the gardens, looking to find my favourite spot for future picnics.  I found art in the gardens too.

I saw the gardeners working in the gardens, saw men in trees, saw a little girl chasing butterflies, and try to stomp on it, much to the horror of her mother.  I saw families, tourists, students, people intent on exercising while looking at their mobile phones, forgetting to look up and appreciate the peace and tranquillity of the gardens.
by the swan lake...seriously that's the name of the little lake
spot the man in the tree

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