Friday, 2 May 2014

my art deco fantasy

you can see the guards sitting there..... and on the right the
new roof of the new stadium

Thursday I went to the Kallang Airport, an Art Deco airport terminal built in 1937 or so.   I love Art Deco buildings... so this is probably the first of my art deco posts........

The Old airport still stands and with the development of our new
stadium, which is a stone throwing distance away, they are going to redevelop the the old airport terminal as a lifestyle hub.....horrors!  One hopes they don't gut the grand old dame and 'refurbish' the building and interiors.
looking through a hole in the hoardings
I wasn't expecting to find the gate open and did walk straight in but a couple of guards sitting under the porch of the building blew their whistle at me several times ( as I ignored the first few times) and waved me away....lazy bastards I should have continued walking to see if they would leave their shady respite and haul me off but being the good citizen that I am, I left.  Most of the perimeter is boarded up but I still walked around the whole plot trying to get a good shot.  I would have liked to get pictures from the inside but oh well....perhaps another day....
the old dame locked away with progress in the background

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