Friday, 28 February 2014

random thoughts on a crowded train

 I still am having trouble getting to work on time, 8 out of 10 times I am 5 minutes late.  Not a big deal except that I pride myself on always being on time or early for work.

Its the trains and the buses fault, not because I procrastinate and read the paper and have breakfast and then try out 5 different outfits before I have to leave the house in a hurry, cursing myself for procrastinating and eating all those choc/chips/whatever the night before and my tummy is bloated again and I look fat in that dress.........

I stick the earphones in and look for Tom on my IPod and drift off .............

" nose feels funny, Oh God I hope there isn't a booger sticking out"

" Damn bus is late again"

" OOh that woman's wearing really nice shoes, I wonder where she got them, If I asked her she'd think I am nuts, better not ask her"

"  Damn train is full again"

"Oh My GOD, is that a dirt track down that woman's back!  I wonder If I have one!! Nah, I use a wash cloth"

"I can smell bad breath, damn crowded train, I hope no one farts now!"

"ooh he looks nice"

"I hope that dick isnt in the office today"

"  Ooh another one, Yummm, perks of going to work into town, so many yummy men to look at "

"led Zep time"  Changing music so I can get to listen to Bron Y-aur Stomp as I walk from train station to office.  That has to be the best walking song, its perky catchy and has a damn good beat.

"seriously is she going to a cocktail or the office in that dress, I can see the back of her bra!"

" why is that man looking at me....I MUST  have a booger sticking out of my nose"

The joys of standing cheek to jowl with my fellow commuters and being just one of the little hamsters in a big bad world..........

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