Thursday, 13 February 2014

life lessons from a non swimmer

So its been a month back in the working world, in a new environment.

This morning while I was in the shower ( funny how all life's Epiphany's happen in the shower) I thought about all the different types of personalities that make up the office dynamics.

its like swimming
me ...all eager

you have those in the office that warn you about the dangers of swimming in deep waters and tell you how to deal with it, and they will be the ones that will throw you a life line if you get into trouble.  I like these kinds!

then you have the ones that will warn you and will run to find help should you get into deep waters and are flailing about.  But they don't hang around to see if you drown or are saved.

then you have the ones that warn you of the dangers, don't bother to call for help or help you should you go under.  the I told you so's.

then of course there are the ones that warn you, help you and of course try to save you themselves but invariable get dragged under as well.....those are the good but misguided ones.

then there are the ones that don't warn you, keep silent and watch you go deeper, but raise the alarm as you go too deep, and leave you to it. The,  Its not my problem sort.

then the most infamous of them all are the ones that don't warn you, keep silent as you wade in and watch  as
you go deeper and deeper until you are totally under, walk away and if someone raises the alarm then its fine and good, but will be quite happy if no one did,  and later tell everyone how "he/she" shouldn't have gone so deep.
These are the ones to watch out for.....

and I seem to have one sitting very close to me..............


  1. Yikes! U had to put that pic up! Time to see the shrink again .....

    1. I'm sorry.....get me your shrinks number i may just need to see one too but for different reasons

  2. Push them out of their chair, put vaseline over everything they touch, steal all of their stationary and put your foot out when they walk past. I love having truly evil thoughts xxx