Sunday, 2 February 2014

celluloid dreams part deux

So in continuation of all those movies I was supposed to go see,

Wolf of Wall Street
Our censors passed this under the rating of R 21- which meant only people over 21 could go see it.  One would think that there would be no cuts to the movie and we, as responsible adults could go watch all the tits and ass, sex  and the cocaine sniffing (one does sniff cocaine right?)
Anyway, we got to see all that and the masturbating scene, but our censors snipped out the gay orgy scene.  Why, cos obviously we will all find that scene such a turn on that we would want to go have gay sex!  or are our powers that be just plain homophobic!
The story of course is about wall street's greed and debauchery and it is in full glory in this movie.....
Martin Scorsese tells beautiful stories, he is one of the directors that I would watch no matter what, this is one of Marty's good ones!  Leo should get the Oscar for this one.

Dallas Buyers Club
Mathew McConaughey plays an AIDS patient who in the early days didn't get the right drugs to help him so he finds other means to get the right cocktail. Great story, told well and I don't think he should get the Oscar, Leo deserves it.  Jared Leto on the other hand, did a brilliant job, fabulous acting from the pretty boy!  The  question is however, will the right man get the Oscar for best male performance or will they give it Matt for losing all that weight and looking frightfully thin!

Inside Llewyn Davies
Anything the Coen brothers do I will watch, and I am glad I watched this.  funny, poignant great dialogue, great music....My kind of movie.  One cannot watch a Coen brothers movie just once, it has to be watched several times.  You will always find something else to think/ laugh about each time you watch it.  This was also probably the only movie from all the ones I have seen that didn't  have nudity and sex, very refreshing.

August Osage County and Her  - these two are on the list but  so far  I haven't been able to get the time to watch them.  I could go during the week after work but the screening times are at mid day, when I am at work.  Hopefully they will still be playing  this weekend.... If not it's buy online or wait for DVD.

It's been fun chasing the celluloid dreams, back to reality now.....


  1. You know, I haven't seen any of these movies yet. The last movie I saw was Saving Mr. Banks. Not Oscar material but a good watch.

    1. I missed that one, it didn't play at cinemas very long here.

  2. I have seen August Osage County, loved the movie, just to see Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts was bliss.

    1. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it's still on at the weekend

  3. Haven't seen any of them, the last flick I watched in the theater was American Hustle, which was fun. I'd like to see Wolf of Wall Street, but three hours is too long for me, I'll wait for the rental:)

    1. wolf of wall street is one good movie, Leo did a damn fine job!