Monday, 14 January 2013

year of the snake

I love reading astrology and trying to see if I can predict what will happen to me (its a control thing, I don't like surprises!!)    I read my horoscope daily and sometimes  have a good laugh at it and sometimes nod my head and think, that the bored journalist/hack/intern  knows me in and out and all about  my life and what I feel!!

I read not one but two different horoscopes everyday.
The first is the usual, under my astrological sign of Libra. then  the other one which is my year of birth under the Chinese Zodiac,  the Tiger.  February 4th is usually the start of the Chinese New year and this coming year is the year of the Snake.  Not a very harmonious year for the Tiger it seems, but there are some precautions that one can take to salvage a difficult year.  To make sure I dont fucking ruin everything for myself in career and romance (and its supposed to be a bad year for romance too!!)

 I have to :-
Think before I leap
Don't make rash and reckless decisions
Keep my temper in check
Don't stick foot in mouth 
Be realistic

Its all good advice and I will (like previous years) make up a little poster ( A4 on powerpoint) and pin it up in my cubicle so that I can stare at it everyday and try my best to  be a good girl/woman, to breathe deeply and think before I rush headlong into any decision, to keep a check on my temper and have realistic expectations, while extracting foot out of mouth.

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