Thursday, 17 January 2013

hotel rooms

I am privileged to work in an industry where I get to visit hotels, get a chance to win free room nights in 5 star properties and get wined and dined.
In my earlier days in the industry, when I actually worked on the events, I got to travel and stay in fancy 5 star resorts and hotels around the globe.   I got spoilt with the 5 star treatment.  For my own holidays I have always had to 'slum' it and book 3 star places and while I know there will be differences in room sizes and bedlinen and the luxury factor, it  annoys me that some (like the hotel son no 2 and I stayed at in London in 2011)  forget that basic cleanliness shouldn't be compromised.

I get lots of hotels from the region coming to visit me in my office with updates and presentations of their beach resorts and exotic locations.  I sit there and dream of the perfect holiday while of course asking all the right professional questions (yeah right!!) I also get to do site inspections of hotels where you wander around the hotels oohing and ahhing.  While I maintain the outward appearance of the total professional,  my mind is working feverishly, thinking about the size of the bathtub (can two people get in) and of course if there are big mirrors in the room that perhaps one see from the bed/chair while having sex.
inspection done - there is a large mirror in front of that chair!
 Call me warped, kinky or just plain deprived but there is something about hotel rooms that bring out the wantonness in me.

Maybe because I never had the chance to go away with a significant other (never had a honeymoon and the ex didn't bother to take me anywhere alone) or the fact that its just this luxurious room that you don't have to clean up, but the idea of spending a couple of days holed up in some fancy resort  hotel room appeals very much to me.  To just spend all day naked in bed with room service.
One day perhaps................


  1. This post cracked me up. What is it about walking into a hotel room and finding a large mirror that makes us all turn into harlots? Hee!

    1. Yep, it must be the kinky exhibitionist in us all!