Thursday, 3 January 2013


My mornings are always the same, feed annoyingly meowing cat at 5am, take thyroid medication, try to go back to sleep, sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed.  Finally get out of bed by 6.30am and brew cup of coffee, check gmail (used to also go on facebook to perve at everyones lives) open front door in boxers and tank top and hope neighbour doesn't open his door, grab the papers and settle on sofa to read the papers with perfect cup of coffee.

My morning routine doesn't vary much, sometimes I make brown rice for my lunch box and sometimes I have to put away the dishes as I was lazy the night before.  But its my morning ritual.
Another habit I have procured over the years is to read the obituaries.  Its a morbid fascination.
I read, sympathise, and wonder about all the people that have died.  I wonder about their lives, were they happy, how they died.  Especially if its a young person, you wonder how they died and the pain the loved ones must feel to lose someone so young.  It is also where I learn of people I know who have passed on.  My doctors mother, My friends father, My sisters friend. A friends wife.

Today I saw an obituary that shook me up quite a bit.  I went out with him in 2006, we only had about 4 dates but he was funny and I liked him,  He wasn't divorced but had left his wife, only to go back to her as the kids needed him.  It was too complicated and I wasn't going to go into such a scenario.  He wasn't that old, I think he would have been 55 this year.   It shook me hard to see his face in the obituaries.  You don't think that someone you know will die.  Sure I know we all die, but you don't expect it, not like seeing Bill in the papers like that.  Its like a forceful reminder that life is short and you never know when it will end.

I have put off writing my will as I haven't really wanted to think about what to do with my things and property.  Time to sort out possessions, jewellery and property.  Time to get organised and write my will.

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