Wednesday, 16 January 2013

movie marathon

The best part of a new year is when all the new movies get released and of course the awards season (unfortunately here in sunny Singapore we don't get it on normal TV, its on cable and if you don't have the channel, too fucking bad, you cant see the golden globes or the Oscar's) Damn capitalist pigs!
With the new movies popping up faster than you can change your underwear, I have to spend my evenings after work watching carefully selected movies.   I watched Les Miserables last night and  yes critics
are slamming it for the singing etc but I loved it.  I love Russel Crowe and yes he cant sing but I don't care (and Hugh Jackman cant sing either but I am not complaining!) The story is gut wrenchingly  sad and I cried shamelessly throughout (yes I also needed a good cry)

On my list this week to watch is
Life of Pi
The Intouchables - watching this tonight
Silver Linings Playbook
These are the movies that have been released here and am waiting for Django Unchained (I love Tarantino) and Lincoln which I will watch on the big screen.  Daniel Day Lewis .... sigh, what does one say about him, nothing, you just enjoy the genius.

I most probably will be watching the movies on my own with a bucket of popcorn (although Les Miz was watched with a friend and I doubt popcorn would have gone down well during that movie, how do you munch away while watching the poverty and pain)
I have always liked watching movies on my own, its better, no disturbance, no chatter, unless of course I find  like minded friends.

So for the next few days I will enjoy my movie marathon week and escape into the celluloid world as right now my real world sucks big time.

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