Sunday, 4 June 2017

my day to regain my sanity

I usually go out to take pictures to regain my balance, bring back the sanity

apart from writing things down, my camera ensures I dont end up in a mental hospital.

its been a while since I went out and enjoyed a day out, before P left for Monaco we had a day out in aa nature reserve in singapore, Sungei buloh is a wetland reserve up north west of the island.

its where bird watchers go, and of course anyone who wants a stroll in nature, while looking out for crocodiles.. yes crocodiles.. and lots of monitor lizards that do look like a smaller version of  the Loch Ness Monster..

a day out in nature, fighting mosquitoes, humidity and heat, but i loved it

didn't see any crocodiles.. fortunately
Morning view 

Nessie's cousin...
to see more pics of my visit to sungei buloh - I split the albums in categories

sungei buloh

the lizards

the flowers at Sungei Buloh

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