Monday, 25 April 2016

I met pond scum

So I decided to go back online to try to date... After all I knew no other way to meet men...

From experience I knew that the first two weeks online would be all the scum trying to get in touch with me, there are of course the genuine ones but mostly all u get are the predators.  I had one of those very bits of pond scum get a little nasty with me, my mistake was not trusting my gut instinct the first time this particular bit of floating algae contacted me.  The mail I got screamed scammer but did I listen.... No.    I did not go out with him, these scum don't live in the same time zone so meeting them is never on the cards.

I am ashamed to admit but I did give him my number, against better judgement and Simone screaming in my head... But when he called me, trying desperately to imitate an English accent, but failing miserably, and letting his African accent come through, I almost laughed. I cut the conversation short and emailed him not to contact me again, that's when he replied with really nasty words......
If I didn't know before I sure as hell knew then that this man was not who he claimed to be.  I wonder though, how do they get all those family pics of decent looking men to create profiles on dating websites.... Facebook? Instagram.? People secure your Social media please!

I have never had this happen before, the scum seem to be getting bolder, more nasty.
To all scum bags out there, male or female, may the evil you do to others come back and bite you in the arse.
Will I let this deter me from online dating, I don't know yet......

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