Tuesday, 3 May 2016

my baby

So this last couple of weeks have been hard, I got a call from son no 1 and the news wasnt good

He had gone to the ER for his bad back and figured that while he was there maybe they could check out his swollen arm...  they found a blood clot in his left auxiliary vein up to the junction of his jugular.

I freaked, so did he.  I wanted to get on a plane and go straight away to be with him, his fiance was away doing her practicum for her teaching degree, but she flew back the next day, she was equally freaked out.  They put him on blood thinners and the first few days was him going back and forth getting blood tests to set the right dosage for blood thinners.  He has had a few tests to find out why it happened but so far all tests have come up positive so we are no closer to finding out how and why.

His fiance had to go back to finish her practicum so she will be away 3 weeks, and I am here in Canada as I just had to see my baby.

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