Wednesday, 11 May 2016

could I live in Canada...

Its been interesting here in Canada...Vancouver Island to be exact

So while I have been hanging out with Son no 1, while he goes through blood tests ( last week there were daily blood tests) and just to be with him, we have been traveling a bit to see Victoria ( where he will be getting married in August) and just around where he lives now, Nanaimo.
Downtown Nanaimo

View from Son's balcony
Its a beautiful area, there are mountains, then the sea and beaches and walks... all amazing.  The weather is lovely, although it did go up to 26C during the day.  The people....
Now I am Indian from Singapore and I grew up and lived in a city, a city where diversity rules.  We have all sorts of food and cultures mingling to create this fusion of language and life.

so this little island off Vancouver looks very white to me.  White people, culture and living.  Slower pace of life and everything seems, on the surface, to be nice... passive aggressive almost.

So while I love the open spaces and the weather, I almost find everything else to be a bit, dare I say it....bland...
Nanaimo downtown by the wharf
I never realised I was so used to a fast paced environment with all the diversity that a  multi cultural world class city has to offer.

I am sure in a few years I will change again and probably hanker for the slower pace and actually look forward to a more relaxed way of life....retirement is still a way away for me I guess..
Driving to Victoria, views

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